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More Than Skin Deep : The Surprising Benefits of Spa Facials

Indulging in a luxurious professional facial at a high quality spa provides far more benefits than just a deep cleansing of your skin. At LV Wellness , our facial treatments offer a wide array of impressive benefits for both your physical appearance and mental health. The renewing experience leaves you looking radiant and feeling completely rejuvenated.

Physical Skincare Benefits

One of the main motivations for getting a spa facial is to improve and refresh the look of your skin. The various techniques used during the facial provide numerous advantages that restore skin to a healthier, more youthful state.

Boosts Moisture Levels

One of the key goals of a facial is to deeply hydrate the skin by infusing moisture. The esthetician massages in rich, emollient serums, creams and masks customized to your skin type. The massage also increases circulation, allowing products to better penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Proper hydration plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a smooth, supple feel and dewy glow.

Enhances Blood Flow

The facial massage techniques stimulate blood flow to the complexion. This improved circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients throughout the epidermis and dermis that nourish skin cells. Oxygen rejuvenates tired skin and provides energy. The nutrient supply also kicks collagen production into high gear for firmer skin and diminished wrinkles. Enhanced blood flow additionally promotes lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins.

Relieves Muscle Tension

The repetitive facial expressions we make etch lines and wrinkles into the surface of the skin over time. Specific massage strokes applied during a facial relax the facial muscles that tense up from squinting, frowning and smiling. Easing the contracted muscles smooths out wrinkles caused by frequent muscle movements under the skin. Your face emerges looking refreshed and renewed.

Clears Out Congested Pores

Facials incorporate several techniques to deeply cleanse and clarify pores. First, steam and warming masks prep the skin and open the pores to dislodge dirt and oil buildup. Then, the esthetician performs extractions to manually remove accumulated debris from each pore. Extracting congestion prevents clogged pores which lead to breakouts. Thoroughly cleaned pores allow the skin to best absorb the nourishing masks, serums and creams applied.

Exfoliates away Dead Skin

Gentle exfoliation used during a facial whisks away the top layer of dull, dead skin cells. Scrubs with round beads or fruit enzymes dissolve away debris to reveal the radiant new cells and smooth texture underneath. This removal of dead cells accumulates on the surface lets your natural glow shine through. Exfoliation also prompts faster cell turnover to continually refresh the skin.

Boosts Lymphatic Drainage

The massage techniques drain puffiness and toxins by promoting improved lymphatic circulation in the face and neck regions. The lymphatic system functions as the body’s natural filtration system that catches and flushes out impurities. Lymphatic drainage diminishes water retention and clears metabolic waste that can make skin look swollen, puffy and lackluster.

Brightens Dull Complexions

If your complexion looks tired, sallow and just generally lackluster, a facial can provide the reboot it needs. All the steam, exfoliation and extraction strips away the top layers of dead cells and impurities that cause dullness. Increased hydration and circulation also improve radiance. Custom masks with brightening ingredients like vitamin C and glycolic acid leave your skin looking exceptionally clear and luminous.

Mental and Emotional Perks

In addition to the array of physical skin benefits, professional spa facials also offer tremendous psychological advantages. The relaxing, rejuvenating experience lifts both your appearance and mood.

Provides Pampering Self-Care

Our busy, stress-filled lives often leave minimal time to focus on self-care. Treating yourself to a spa facial pushes the pause button so you can take a much needed break from responsibilities. This restorative time centered around relaxation helps recharge your perspective and outlook.

Offers a Soothing Retreat

The tranquil spa setting provides a true retreat from the chaos of normal life. Soothing lighting, soft music and aromatic essential oils engage the senses to create a haven for relaxation. For a blissful interval, allow your mind to empty as you retreat into the calm atmosphere. Emerge renewed with a relaxed state of mind.

Releases Facial Tension

The gentle massage techniques physically ease strain in the facial muscles that builds up from everyday expressions and straining the eyes. Kneading and stroking motions unwind rigid jaw, eye and forehead muscles that contort the face into wrinkle-forming positions. Releasing chronically tense muscles smooths and relaxes the skin for a tension-free complexion.

Calms the Mind

The quiet ambiance and hypnotic massage strokes clear your mind of racing thoughts and nagging worries. Let go of consuming thoughts and mental chatter. Empty your mind to embrace a meditative state of inner stillness and tranquility. Focus solely on your breathing as a sense of zen contentment washes over you.

Provides a Multi-Sensory Escape

A facial thoroughly engages all five senses for a wonderfully immersive pampering ritual. The calming soundtrack, aromatherapy scents, soothing touch techniques, dreamy lighting and skincare tastes like infused water satiate the senses. This multi-sensory experience transports you into a soothing world of relaxation that lingers long after the last touch.

Resets Perspective

Over time, the stress and monotony of daily responsibilities can weigh down your spirit and dull your enthusiasm. Emerge from a facial treatment with a reset sense of motivation, mental clarity and appreciation for the moment. Renewed positive energy and vibrant skin radiance go hand in hand.

Restores Inner Calm

The constant stimulus and pressures of life can leave you feeling depleted. A facial serves as a reset button, restoring your sense of inner calm and balance. Let the outside world fade away as you recentre and reconnect with yourself on a mind, body and spirit level. You emerge with an inner stillness that manifests in outer glow.


Indulging in professional spa facials provides a wide range of impressive benefits that make them well worth the investment. The deep cleansing, massage, masks and steam renew your complexion while the pampering experience renews your outlook. Regular facials reduce stress, cleanse pores, boost collagen and provide self-care on multiple levels. Following a facial, both your skin and state of mind feel refreshed, restored and glowing with health.

Mukilteo, WA.

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