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 Natural Algae Peel
(liquid microneedling)
$180 /session 
$525 for 3 pack

The Algae peel uses spicules sourced from the pristine freshwater lakes of the Ukraine. Each spicule contains a host of minerals, including Zinc and Copper, both of which are beneficial for those with acne, or those looking for an effective anti-aging treatment.This is a unique peel that reduces fine lines and scarring, heals acne and inflammation, and targets hyperpigmentation, without the chemicals

 Microneedling 20% off package of three

Book a LaseMD Lunch time facial with Nicole and receive $50 off! ($425 value)

Hydration IV’s $50 off for month of July (30-45 min treatment)

10% off Collagen boost injection package of three

            Free Grounds!

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Clean up your beard line with Laser Hair Removal 50% off

15% off Any Skin Care Product when you buy one Sunscreen

           Oxygen facial $199
     $40 off regular price of $239

Oxygen, known for its all natural anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties, helps to purify, hydrate and brighten the face when combined with nutrient dense serums.

      Platelet Rich Plasma Special
1 large joint with 4 acupuncture sessions for $1300 ($150 savings)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy involves injecting a concentrated solution of a patient's own platelets into the affected joint area, with the goal of utilizing the platelets' high concentration of growth factors and other bioactive molecules to stimulate the natural healing process and potentially alleviate joint pain and improve function.

    Platelet Rich Plasma Pkg. of 3

    Large Joint PRP x 3 for $2400     

    Normally $2700 ($300 savings)

Plasma Microneedling Pkg. of 3

Get your summer natural glow! 

3 plasma microneedling for $1650 normally $1800 ($150/savings)


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